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Recommended reading list:

The following texts provide a sequence of readings and exercises that allows the reader to develop substantial competence in the main concepts of cognitive science, artificial and computational intelligence, theory of mind, and neuroscience. The books tend to be listed in the suggested reading order, although (1) the neuroscience texts (Carlson and Bear et al.) can be read in parallel with the rest of the sequence and (2) the Scientific American collection of essays listed at the end can be read at any time.

Also listed below are links to other learning resources and programming tools that are freely available on the Web. The Wikipedia Articles page contains links to numerous important articles concerning intelligent systems. Do remember that the Home page lists additional Scholarpedia resources in computational intelligence, computational neuroscience, and dynamical systems.

There are other fine texts available, to be sure, but the ones listed here are deemed suitable for independently pursued personal learning because of their readability and breadth of content in addition to their acknowledged caliber. Publishers wishing to have their books considered for inclusion on the list please contact the site manager.


Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science, 2nd Ed
Paul Thagard - 2005, MIT Press

An elementary description of the main theories and problems of cognitive science

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Mind Readings:
Introductory Selections on Cognitive Science

Paul Thagard (ed) - 1998, MIT Press

A collection of accessible readings on cognitive science

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Minds and Computers: An Introduction to the
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Matt Carter - 2007, Edinburgh University Press

Fundamental ideas from each of the disciplines which constitute cognitive science: philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and linguistics

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Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psycholgy and
Artificial Intelligence

John Haugeland (ed) - 1997, MIT Press

A classic collection of essays in Cog Sci & AI

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Physiology of Behavior, 10th Ed
Neil R. Carlson - 2009, Allyn & Bacon

A thorough introduction to physiological psychology and behavioral neuroscience

Alternate text: Neuroscience/Bear et al


Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, 3rd Ed
Bears, Connors & Paradiso - 2006, Lippincott ...

A comprehensive introduction to the biology of the brain, neuroanatomy,
and the systems that underlie behavior

Alternate text: Physiology of Behavior/Carlson

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Artificial Intelligence Illuminated
Ben Coppin - 2004, Jones & Bartlett

An overview of the techniques, algorithms, and historical background of classical artificial intelligence, along with some recent computational-intelligence variants

Alternate text 1: Artificial Intelligece/Negnevitsky
Alternate text 2: Artificial Intelligence/Russell & Norvig

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Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems, 2E
Michael Negnevitsky - 2004, Addison-Wesley

A thorough introduction to artificial intelligence and computational-intelligence techniques intended for undergraduate computer-science students

Alternate text to Artificial Intelligence/Coppin
Alternate text to Artificial Intelligence/Russell & Norvig

Publisher's Book Site - 1st Ed

Publisher's Book Site - 2nd Ed


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 2nd Ed
Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig - 2003, Prentice Hall

The most comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence, with computational variants, for students of computer science

Alternate text to Artificial Intelligence/Coppin
Alternate text to Artificial Intelligence/Negnevitsky

Authors' Book Site



Understanding Artificial Intelligence
Scientific American - 2002, Grand Central Publishing

A collection of essays from Scientific American by many of the leading figures of AI


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Free Online Resources:
Books - Software - Stuff

Common LISP: The Language, 2nd Ed
Guy L. Steele, Jr - 1990, Digital Press

The Common LISP reference, written by the co-developer of the language itself
and vice-chairman of the ANSI Common LISP standardization committee

Book Download Site

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Practical Common Lisp
Peter Seibel - 2005, Apress

A thorough introduction to Common LISP with practical applications

Online Book Site

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LISP Compilers / Interpreters / IDEs


(ANSI Common LISP)

MIT/GNU Scheme
(Unix & Windows LISP dialect)

Power LISP

Ufasoft Common LISP

(Open source IDE for LISP, Prolog, POP-11 & SML)


Other LISP Resources

The Common LISP Programming Language Info

An Introduction and Tutorial for Common LISP

The LISP Programming Language Site


Wikibooks: Common LISP

Wikibooks: LISP Programming

Wikpedia: LISP

Wikipedia: Comon LISP

dmoz - LISP Directory


Click image above for free Prolog IDEs and personal study resources


Learn Prolog Now!
Blackburn, Bos & Striegnitz - 2006, College Publications

A practical introduction to Prolog widely used for self study

Online Book Site


Logic, Programming and Prolog, 2nd Ed
Nilsson & Maluszynski - 1995, John Wiley & Sons

Problem solving & logic programming with Prolog

Online Book Site


Other Prolog Resources

 First Steps in Prolog

Adventure in Prolog

Online Guide to Prolog Programming

Prolog: A Tutorial Introduction
Lu & Mead

Prolog Programming: A First Course

prolog :- tutorial

Visual Prolog Tutorials

Wikibooks: Prolog

Wikipedia: Prolog

Wikipedia: Comparison of Prolog Implementations

dmoz - Prolog Directory


Prolog Applications

Building Expert Systems in Prolog

Natural Language Processing in Prolog
Gazdar & Mellish

Natural Language Processing Techniques in Prolog
Blackburn & Striegnitz


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