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Intelligent Systems (ISYS) is a hand-crafted Web resource guide on natural, artificial, and computational intelligence. ISYS also provides information on the essentials of cognitive science, neuroscience, philosopohy of mind, and related fields. The purpose of the ISYS Website is to support and complement personal learning and independent extended education —PLIXE— worldwide. Autodidacts, researchers, students, educators, and inquisitive minds of all ages are always welcome at ISYS. Enjoy your visit.

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General Resources on Mind & Brain

SfN's primer on neuroscience designed for a lay audience


Univ of Washington's brain atlas & knowledge bases


Harvard Medical School


Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (UCLA) Atlases




Brain atlas, glossary, galleries, extras


The Brain
Brain in the News
Cerebrum Magazine


SciAm's focus magazine on mind, behavior & brain science


News & articles on mind & brain from Scientific American



News & articles on mind & brain from Discover Magazine



Recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience


e-Journals & Archives

Refereed journal on the cognitive neurosciences


Journal of Neuroscience
Journal of Neuroscience Search
Multi Journal Search


Internationally refereed open-access neuroscience journal


Cognitive sciences e-print archive


Peer-reviewed e-journal on molecular neuroscience


A scholarly journal on basic & clinical neuroscience


Refereed e-journal on the cognitive sciences


AI Topics
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence


English & Portuguese editions


Listing of recent ScienceBlogs B&B postings

Articles, interactive exhibits & links to learning resources
on behavioral neuroscience from Bryn Mawr College


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Search the Web



Internet Guide to Science


Strategic Guide to Quality Info in Science


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ISYS Site Manager: DIego Azeta

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